Tales from Unix System Administration

This was seen on a T-Shirt at a SAGE conference. It was written by Stan Heller, Kenny Paul and Don Wells, part of the System Administration team at Network Equipment Technologies. The beauty of the text is that everything on this shirt is an actual user quote.

T-Shirt Front

I didn't touch a thing. · Why can`t you give me the root password? · I want more disk space, now! · It was working fine a minute ago. · I typed rm -rf, but I didn't really mean to. · How come SPARC binaries won't work on my 3/50? · I just turned it off and on a couple of times. · What's an alias? · It must be a hardware problem. · This will only take you a minute. · Can you restore /tmp/junk from February of 87? · X Windows isn't working on my VT100! · I didn't realize the type of coax made any difference. · How do I post an article to alt.sex.bondage? · I just plugged my RS-232 port into my phone jack. · Is the unix broken? · My bin directory is missing! · Someone spilled coffee on my keyboard. · I need to be the owner of all of the files in /usr/kvm. · How can I send mail to my friend on BITNET? · What makes you think it is my software? · My Mac is much easier to use. · Why is her disk quota bigger than mine? · What jumpers? · I can't login to my ethernet. · Don't you know where I put my source code? · I need to borrow your CD-ROM for 2 months. · Where can I find all of those GIF files? · Honest, it just stopped working. · But I like the old OS a lot better. · Can you read this TK50 VMS tape onto my Sun? · I can do it... I used to be a Systems Administrator. · Can`t this be done after I go home? · It says, "Run fsck manually". · I need you to reboot my floppy drive. · What does RTFM mean? · How hard can it be to do a simple upgrade? · My system just crashed. · Now how did that file get in there? · But the vendor says this should be "Plug and play". · This is going to cost us how much!? · A System Administrator doesn't do hardware. · My machine needs more memory. · Is my monitor suppose to smoke? · Just stay late. · It was fine, until I moved the disk drive over to there. · I can guarantee you that my program is flawless. · Oops...

T-Shirt Back

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